5. FAQ

About product

Q. Does the device use a battery? What is its duration?
A. Yes. Battery duration is 2 hours.

Q. Do you support the Bluetooth function?
A. Yes. Wireless can also be used. Therefore, it can be used also in a smartphone VR.Q. How does VAQSO VR work?
A. It can be used by mounting externally to the HMD. It is compatible with high end HMD to smartphone VR. VR content developers can use the API to associate scent with VR content at an arbitrary timing. It can change the strength of the scent, mute, and quick switch.

About sales

Q. How long can I borrow devices and samples for testing?
A. (B2B only) One week (a total of 7 days) will be the basis, including from the date of arrival to the return date of the items. For more details, please contact info@vaqso.com.

Q. How much is the price of VAQSO VR?
A. The price has not confirmed yet. It is scheduled to release in 2018 at “affordable price range even for college students”.

Q. When can I purchase a device?
A. It is scheduled to release in 2018.

About the function of scent

Q. Can I synchronize objects and scents in VR content?
A. Yes. You can set by API.

Q. Can I set the timing to start scent?
A. Yes. You can set by API.

Q. Do devices synthesize scents like the three primary colors of light?
A No. Each scent comes out from a scent cartridge.

Q. How long will the scents last?
A. In the scent cartridge of the product version, all scents last roughly 1 month. (When using the game for two hours a day)

Q. How much does it spread the smell?
A. The scent coming out of VAQSO VR spreads to the extent of one tennis ball. By suppressing the release range of the scent, it is possible to switch the scent in a moment, preventing the scent from being filled around.

Q. Can I use an existing smell (such as perfume provided by your company) with VAQSO VR?
A. Yes. This will be a service for B2B. It is necessary to optimize the smell to the device. For details, please contact info@vaqso.com

Q. What kind of scents can you create?
A. Available only for B2B, we develop scents requested by client. For B2C, we are planning to line up the type of scent for each genre.

Q. How many kinds of scents do you offer for VAQSO VR?
A. You can place up to 5 types at maximum. Each scent cartridge can be easily replaced.


Q. Please tell me the latest information.
A. The latest information can be found via social media and e-mail magazine. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter and register our e-mail magazine.
*To subscribe our e-mail magazine, please send e-mail to infom@vaqso.com. There are special contents only available via e-mail magazine!

Q. What is the origin of the name “VAQSO”?
A. The origin of VAQSO will “blow up” towards an unknown future. (VAQ or Baku in Japanese meaning blow up)

Q. Please tell me the characteristics of VAQSO VR.
A. We focus on the following three points particularly upon development.
1. Handy size, 2. Muting of scent, 3. Switching smell strength
Unless we can not meet these three points, the scent cannot function as UX. VAQSO VR is the smallest scent device in the world that Kawaguchi, the CEO who is also a designer/developer as well as perfumer of various scent devices, condensed past experience and resources into a single point.

Q. What is the impact of scent on VR?
A. When the scent is added to the user experience of VR, the reality will rise all at once.
User experiences in past games relied mainly on visual, auditory and tactile (degree of trembling of controller). VAQSO VR, which integrates scents with games, brings a whole new UX.

Q. What other fields do you think VAQSO VR can be used?
A. We think that it will be useful as a special effect to promote various games and movies.