3. Usage ​Manual

For connection with VAQSO VR, commands are sent by serial communication.Implementation of serial communication differs depending on each development tool, but the following is effective for activating VAQSO VR
It is command line.a. VAQSO VR ​Activation ​states

i. Strengthening ​& ​Weakening

fan a b It smells with the strength of b (0..100) from the motor of channel a (0..4)


serealport.write("fan 0 100\r\n")

ii. Burst

Fan_on a It smells at a strength of 100 from the motor of channel a (0..4)


serealport.write("fan_on 0\r\n")

iii. Mute

fan_off a Switch off the motor of channel a (0..4)


serealport.write("fan_off 0\r\n")

reset Turn off all motors



iv. Switch

When changing the scent, it is necessary to turn off all motors and give out the scent you want to switch.



      serealport.write("fan_on 1r\n")
      v. Multiple ​scents ​at ​one ​time
      When smelling multiple scents, send a command to scent at the same time.
      serealport.write("fan 1 100\r\n")

      serealport.write("fan 2 100r\n")

b. ポート番号の設定手順


2.上部メニューからツール > シリアルポート を選び、シリアルポート選択





c. Recommended ​methods ​of ​usage

· During loading of content and end of content, blow out wind from a scent-free cartridge and fly the smell
· When the scene of the same scent continues, such as when synching up with the scenes, stop smelling moderately (at an interval of about 5-10 seconds)
· When wanting the same scent to feel a differently by adjusting the strength of the smell (example: weak in scene A, strong in scene B)
· Use one type of scent to express multiple kinds of scents (illusion).
·When showing the video of the grape while presenting the smell of the apple, it feels like the grape smells due to visual bias.
· When making the scent feel effectively, stop smelling before entering the next scene.
· When making the scent feel effectively, fade in the scenery of the scent while smelling from the state of darkness.
· When the scent changes to the next without interval, it is hard to notice the change in the scent.