1. Introduction

An overview about VAQSO VR, setup method of device, notes on setup.

a. Product ​Overview

It is a device that adds a scent to the VR experience. By synching up with VR scenes and actions, the scent can be felt. By adding scent to the video, more realistic VR experiences will be achieved. Up to 5 types of replaceable scent cartridges can be installed. All scents last roughly 1 month. Since the device is installed in a band type, it can be attached to various HMDs. Wireless (Bluetooth) or wired (USB cable) can be used for connection.

b. Device ​Setup

How to set up VAQSO VR
Since this terminal performs serial communication, it is necessary to release the serial port.

1. Connect the VAQSO VR to the USB port

2. Install Arduino IDE on PC
Download and install ArduinoIDE suitable for your PC from https://www.arduino.cc/en/main/software

3. Check serial port of VAQSO VR
Check with the command from the Mac terminal.

$ ls -l /dev/tty.*

Check from the device manager.

4. Specify the serial port from Arduino
Launch Arduino IDE and select the port you confirmed in 3 from Arduino> Tools> Serial Port on the menu.

c. Safety

・In case that VAQSO VR is not recognized from the serial port
Remove all the red ones from Mac System Preferences>Network and restart it.

Make sure that VAQSO VR is not an unknown device from the device manager.
If this is the case, please double click on the serial port and specify the driver in the ArduinoIDE folder that you downloaded from the property driver update because the driver is not installed.

・In case that VAQSO VR is not recognized from the USB port

  • Please connect the VAQSO VR directly to the PC’s USB port, rather than connecting the VAQSO VR to a USB port such as Oculus Rift.