Documented developer resources are essential when developing technical products. By properly utilizing these resources, developers can grasp both the technical and theoretical aspects of VAQSO VR.

​Developer ​Resources:

  • 1. VAQSO ​VR ​3.0 ​API
  • The reasons for creating these resources are as follows:

1. Utility development for test and function introduction
In order for developers and non-technical users to experience and understand VAQSO VR’s features for the first time, it is necessary to create tests. Currently, VAQSO provides test.exe application that is a test utility.

2. Encode basic product information:
By creating a document, you can encode the existing information on the device so that it is accessible to everyone who wants to use VAQSO VR.

3. Enable developer feedback:
Current versions of the VAQSO VR and VAQSO VR APIs cannot gather technical feedback on device performance or errors. Implementing standardized RFC code properly and describing reporting methods of errors can improve device stability.

4. Explain the advantage of using scent in (along with) VR content and effective usage of smell:
According to the feedback obtained by TGS, it seemed difficult for the collaboration companies to have understood the strength of the smell used. As a result, there was a difference in the smell strength among collaboration companies. It was challenging for some collaboration companies to achieve optimal smell strength.  Currently there are no guidelines for VAQSO VR. Example: Effective smell strength and its effective switching method, etc.
Technology that VAQSO VR employs requires sharing this information with developers.

5. Present basic VAQSO VR usage:
There are various ways to use VAQSO VR. In order for developers to effectively use VAQSO VR, it is necessary to have them experience VAQSO VR actually, and present developers examples of how to use effective smell (Examples of how to use according to various scenes and actions, etc.)