The Smallest Scent Device for VR.

It is a device that adds a smell to the VR experience. You can feel the smell in conjunction with the scenes and actions on VR. By adding scent to the image, higher realism VR experiences will be possible. Up to five different scent cartridges that can be replaceable that can be installed. We prepared all 15 types, from female fragrance to zombie smell. Since the device is installed in a band type, it can be attached to various HMDs.


Fits on any HMD

The band of the device uses an adjustable velcro strap which allows it to be compatible with any HMD. It can be connected by USB.


A Powerful Application Interface.

By using API (UNITY) of VAQSO VR, you can easily integrate scent into your content. Connection, disconnection, reconnection, etc. can be easily incorporated. API is free of charge.

VAQSO VRのAPI(UNITY)を使うことで、かんたんにあなたのコンテンツに匂いを組込むことができます。接続・切断・再接続などの制御を簡単に組込めます。APIは無料です。


Kentaro Kawaguchi



Specification / 仕様

W147 x H30 x D83(mm)

125g (カートリッジ無し) 

Connecting terminal/接続端子:
Micro USB

3 DAYs/3日間 *Scent Repair Tool Attached/匂い補充ツール付属


$2999(+ TAX/税別)、Shipping/送料一律 $10

Supplied items/同梱物:
VAQSO VR (Dev kit) 1台、カートリッジ 5個、匂いリペアボトル 5個

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